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Heart Month – How are Heart Health and Urological Health Connected?

Heart health and urological health are closely linked in many ways, and in some ways, researchers don’t even fully understand yet. Many heart conditions are tied to some urological diseases, and a good rule of thumb is to assume that any healthy habit that is good for your heart, will also be good for your urological system.
Go-to habits such as drinking plenty of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and getting minimum cardio activity on a regular basis are great ways to take care of your heart, but are also prime ways to keep your body’s filtration system running smoothly. Flushing toxins and other waste substances out through hydration and activity is the best way to protect your bladder, liver and kidneys from irritation and illness.
Low blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease all tend to correlate with common urological issues such as overactive bladder, incontinence, kidney stones as well as cancers of the kidneys, bladder and prostate. While research into exactly what links these diseases together is still inconclusive, many lifestyle choices such as poor diet, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are known culprits to all of them.
One link that doctors are sure of is the connection between heart disease and erectile dysfunction. Both conditions develop and worsen with age, and are caused by a weakening heart. Smoking, being obese or overweight, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol are all equally good indicators of a man’s likelihood to develop erectile dysfunction as well as a likelihood to develop heart disease. The best way to avoid both is to maintain your overall health to the best of your ability.
While vegetables, water and exercise are keys to your overall health, it sometimes isn’t enough. If you’re concerned about your urologic health, don’t hesitate to contact Arkansas Urology for help getting back on track. A provider will be able to help you develop a safe, effective health plan designed with your specific medical history in mind. Contact us or call at 800-255- 1762 to schedule an appointment.
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